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Why Actors Should Consider Auditioning for Web Series

There are probably thousands of actors out there who would do anything to get out of the ‘waiting game’ that is keeping their career on hold. Let’s face it: life is not kind to actors who do not have experience so if you are not getting a call back after an auditions, it is time you take matters into your hands and broaden your horizons. To put it simply, you should audition for web series.

A web series, much like a TV series, is a scripted or non-scripted series of videos released on the internet. While a web series does not require huge production costs and involves large media companies, actors who work hard are able to acquire fame, perhaps even attract the attention of critics and production houses. Here’s why you should consider auditioning for a web series:

You Will Learn

As mentioned above, a web series does not have huge production costs and facilities a TV production might have. However, this provides actors the opportunity to learn outside their comfort zones. Web series is a form of micro-budget filmmaking, which means the whole cast has to pitch in as much of their energy as possible. As an actor, you may also have to help with the sound or lightning or even take turns with the camera. On the up-side, you build connections with a network of collaborators and have more say about your character than you normally would on TV.

Auditioning for a web series will also help you learn from your mistakes. Wondering why you are not receiving a call back from directors? Seeing yourself on the screen will finally open your eyes to the flaws and weaknesses you have as an actor. Evaluate yourself in each episode and take notes. As an actor, you should never stop learning and must do your best to master your skills.

Skip the Waiting Game

The truth it, your ‘big break’ could take weeks, months or probably even years but what do you in the meantime? As an actor, you cannot afford to waste time. Auditioning for a web series means you are freeing yourself from the dreaded waiting game. When the time is right and you get called for an audition for a movie or TV series, you will have a good reel and experience to boost your credibility in front of the directors. Directors do not entertain actors with no experience. Broaden your horizons and sign up for auditions to plays, Broadway shows and web series to give your career a boost.

Building a Social Media Army

Social media is the king of the marketing world and directors want a face that is recognizable. Having a strong social media presence is integral for the career of any actor. By auditioning for a web series, you can build an army of fans online which might land you a prime lead role in the future.

Remember: “there are no small parts, only small actors." Work hard and eventually, you will find yourself on top of the career ladder.

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