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Accommodations & Travel Questions

We use two locations. We take over a 4-star hostel building during our first session and use a top Los Angeles college campus during our second session. For the safety of the high profile students who promote the camp on their social media, our locations remain secret until participants are completely registered. Typically, there are two campers per room. Roommates are chosen based on age, gender, and questionnaire responses. You may request a roommate if you have a friend coming to camp. Staff resides on the same floor as campers. Girls and boys are usually housed on different floors but on rare occasions we have had to house different genders on the same floor, separated down different wings of the building. Boy/girl areas are completely off limits to the other gender.
HOUSING - Yes! Food? there are some food purchases. Please read each program page for an explanation of meal purchases.
Because we are so often traveling, we feel it necessary to have more staff than is suggested by the American Camp Association. Consequently, our standard is to have one staff member for every six campers.

Because most of our campers are traveling to us without parents, we have a safe and efficient plan to both pick up and drop off campers at the airport. Additional fees may apply.

  • Los Angeles (LAX) Airport Pick-Up AND Drop-Off (Round Trip) $75
  • Los Angeles (LAX) Airport Pick-Up OR Drop-Off (One Way) $40
  • Ontario (ONT) Airport Pick-Up AND Drop-Off (Round Trip) $50
  • Ontario (ONT) Airport Pick-Up OR Drop-Off (One Way) $25
We do not offer a day camp program. On occasion, we have had parents of very young campers ask if they can pick up their child at night and bring them back to camp in the morning. Although we have permitted such special arrangements in the past, we do not suggest them and will not discount tuition for them. Because we often work late or attend off-campus events well into the evening, such displacement can be wearing on both the child and parent. Also, it is important for us to have some flexibility with our schedule because sometimes we want to accommodate a last minute special guest/event and therefore times can change without notice.
No. Campers are in our care during the entire program. The days off in between camp is break time for all of us as we head off to amusement parks and other tourist attractions (because these trips are optional, there is a nominal additional cost). Housing during these breaks is included in the price of the overall camp tuition.

General Questions

We accept very mature 7 year olds through 19 year old high school seniors. All ages and genders are with us in equal numbers.
ALL ARE WELCOME! Every year we host campers from all over the world and since our inception, most countries and every state in the US has been represented.
Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to accommodate campers who cannot read and speak English with confidence. Our sessions are too short and too fast paced to be helpful to students that want to utilize the program to become more fluent in English.
We feel that the two are not mutually exclusive. We certainly are an intensely focused program with extremely high expectations for hard work during class time; however, we do have traditional summer camp fun!
We pride ourselves on creating an environment that will be challenging for young actors at the top of their game within their hometowns/school. We welcome applications from both beginners to veterans. If a beginner is accepted, this case is rare and we must have seen incredible raw talent. Beginners are required to take Skype lessons with one of our teachers at NO CHARGE.
We are quite selective in choosing the young actors who work on The Actors Campus. We are dedicated to bringing together the most passionate young actors. Passion for the art of acting is what we are seeking. We can obtain a glimpse of an actor's passion from the monologue they studied to perform for us. The performance along with their visionary statement speaks volumes to the passion the actors hold. We are dedicated to hosting the MOST passionate and the MOST committed young actors who want to benefit from the opportunities that might present themselves as a result of their participation.
No acting program should suggest that they have the power to make anyone a star. Nor should a program SELL on the successes of another participant because the chances of that success duplicating with another individual are slim and unpredictable. Lots of our campers have gone on to become working actors but it is our success in providing our participants with the tools to begin to navigate the entertainment industry (from far or near) that we are most proud.
This is the MOST commonly asked question we get and unfortunately our financial aid options are limited. We donate space through organizations better suited to distribute based on need. However, we do offer discounts to ALL individuals who work to spread the word about the amazing program we offer to young actors. If you recommend a young actor who is accepted, your tuition is reduced by 25%. After four actors who are accepted into our program, your space is FREE. You may want to submit your application before you work so hard to refer. We will be glad to provide you with a flyer that will need to be printed and distributed in any place kids train in performing arts. We will work with you to note the city and venues you post in order for us to keep track of your progress. THIS WORKS because young actors come to camp for FREE every year. Just write us to get started.



Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 10am to 8pm
  • Saturday: 11am to 3pm
  • Sunday: 11am to 3pm

Our Purpose

At Young Actors Camp, our purpose is to provide a finely focused camp experience that will allow our campers to realize their dreams of being a part of the Hollywood industry -- if only for the duration of each camp session.