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The Ultimate Guide: Studying Acting in New York vs. Los Angeles

It’s no secret that some of the finest actors in the world either studied acting in New York or Los Angeles. Both cities have a thriving entertainment industry but differ drastically in terms of location and culture:

New York

The Big Apple has some of the most renowned acting schools in the world, including The New York Film Academy and American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Young actors who want to start their careers in Broadway should seriously consider moving to NYC. There are over 40 theaters operating on Broadway in the city, with a hundred more in its neighboring boroughs. This ultimately increases your chances of being noticed in the industry as you can audition for plays while opting for training. However, on the downside, New York is probably not the best place to study acting if you want to become a sitcom actor.

However, studying acting in the Big Apple can be quite expensive, especially if you intend to live in the gigantic city on your own and do not have any family and friends for financial support. Consider taking up a job once you enroll yourself in an acting program or start auditioning for Broadway roles immediately. The city is flooded with opportunities for any new actor. You just need to be brave enough to put yourself out there. The best part is most acting facilities are in close proximity to each other, the compact nature of the city means one can easily take the bus or the subway to get to school or auditions.

As far as the New York’s climate is concerned, it is a lot cooler than the City of Angels. The New York climate varies from hot and humid summers to blistering cold in the winters.

Los Angeles

Apart from sandy beaches and sunshine, the City of Angels is home to Hollywood. The city has dozens of acting schools. Some of the best include the Los Angeles Acting School and the Lynette McNeill Acting School. Actors who wish to make it big in the television industry should consider studying in LA. The city is home to the major studios and networks, including the giants Fox, Paramount, and Universal. LA also has a thriving Broadway community as well.

The city is the best place to learn acting for newbies who are just getting started. An apartment in LA costs significantly less than in New York hence young actors can easily afford to live in the city whilst studying. On the downside, the large city means you need to own a car to show up at auditions and attend acting classes. Casting directors are all scattered around the hills and valleys hence personal transportation is a must in the city.

The city has a relatively stable, Mediterranean climate, perfect for actors who cannot get enough of the sun. So, there you have it. While both cities have some of the best acting schools, New York is the best place to start for Broadway actors while LA is probably best for actors who wish to earn fame and fortune on the big or small screen.

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