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Your Guide to Finding Discount Broadway Play Tickets

Are you waiting to catch your favorite play on Broadway? Perhaps you can find discount broadway tickets online. Broadway tickets are much like airline seats: once the doors are closed, they are worth nothing. Thus, Broadway producers have no other choice but to find ways to recover their huge investment. They do so by distributing tickets with discount codes for various performances where they expect unsold seats. In addition student tickets and tickets to Children Theater can also be bought at affordable rates.

These are generally applicable for mid-week performances, when the show has been running for a while or it is early in previews. It is time for you to smile with glee because these discounts vary from 25% to 50%, sometimes even more. The seats sold are usually the best in their given category so you can enjoy the hottest seats in the house. Here’s your guide to finding the best seats in the house:

Get Rush Tickets

Some plays will sell unsold seats to either students or the general public at a discounted rate (sometimes as low as $20) an hour or so before the performance. Get to the box office at least 2 hours before the performance and expect long queues. While most of these seats will be in the less desirable areas, there’s still a possibility for you to occasionally get lucky with an orchestra seat. Most of these seats will be single hence this is the perfect opportunity for you to get some alone time.

Student Tickets

Most of the city’s biggest nonprofit theatres have programs dedicated to encouraging younger audiences, especially students. and are among the best resources to find special discounted student tickets for Broadway and Off Broadway productions. In addition teachers and librarians may also pick up special vouchers to avail up to 30 to 50% off.

Browse Online

Head over to the internet and search for discounted play tickets in your city. Theater Mania and Gold Star are two of the best websites to find discounted tickets for selected shows in Los Angeles. Consider visiting various sites and shopping around for the best bargain.

Children Theater

One of the main reasons why theatre is so popular with families is because of the affordable cultural opportunities in the city for young people. If you have a child who attends school or college, there are some remarkable discount tickets you can find online for children theater and other shows.


If you are heading over to New York City, do not miss the chance to visit TKT’s busy flagship booth at Times Square. The booth is located at the intersection of 47th and Broadway where tourists and theatre lovers usually line up as early as 10 am for plays at only half the price or at 3 pm to bid on discounted tickets for evening performances.

So, there you have it! There is no reason for you to miss out on your favorite play now. Hop online and avail exciting discounts right now.

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