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Go ahead... Compare our Ultimate Film Actors Immersion. We’ve developed the most unique agenda for a clear path towards stage and/or screen success. We guarantee that you will not find a film acting and/or media arts program in the ENTIRE WORLD that provides a quarter of what we offer.

Let’s just compare one of our summer programs, The Ultimate Film Actors Immersion. Read our offerings and ask other program reps the following questions...

If you are considering another program, ask that program rep the following questions….

YES! This is a part of the actors summer stay at YAC

Are working/popular actors guaranteed to be at the summer acting camp in order to understand the path and story behind those young actors admire?

Does camp start the minute you register by offering acting lessons via Skype with an acting coaches?                                                                                                           

Does the program offer pre-camp activities so that campers are connecting with others well before camp begins?                                                                                                           

Do all actors meet and/or work with current Casting Directors to learn best techniques/practices and industry trends for auditioning?

For serious families, does the program offer professional level support during and after training? How about an extended Los Angeles stay so the actor can pursue a film career full time when the parent cannot relocate?

Are IMDB credits offered for the professional level work completed at in the program?                                                                                                           

Is there a diverse offering of film acting classes, electives and workshops studied by every participant?                                                                                                           

Is professional level work in television, film and/or stage a part of the program, specifically; a sitcom, a feature film and a commercial?

Is there immigration information provided, specific to international actors, to begin the process to one-day work in the USA?

Is there a scouting event for actors to meet with agents for the purpose of representation and audition training?                                                                                                           

With never-ending changes to the cyber-casting submission process, does the program offer workshops to understand the latest online submission trends?

Is there a parent program that teaches parents all that is needed for a safe and knowledgeable journey to success in the entertainment industry?

Does the program meet all bond and certification requirements to teach and consult children in film acting/media arts within the State of California?

Are other careers within the film industry explored?                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Is a resume development workshop offered?                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

In this business it’s often ‘who you know’ that get an actor strides ahead. Is a class in networking offered?                                                                                                           

Is a there an ‘industry overview’ class offered to help understand the process and occupational roles that are key players to support the actor in working in the film/TV industry?

Is a class in internet use and safety provided so actors remain proactive in pursuing professional work after camp ends?

Is there a headshot session offered as a part of the program?                                                                                                           

Are there college bound meetings to discuss education and occupation options for junior and seniors in high school interested in pursuing work in the entertainment industry?

Is there a class to develop and/or maximize the actor’s social media platforms?                                                                     

Is there a 4-Day College tour offered before or after the main camp session? ( for a small additional fee)

Does the program offer field trips to explore Hollywood tourist attractions for the ultimate inspiration for young actors?                                                                                                           

Is there a Camp/Program Director on site at all times (sleeping on site too)?                                                                                                           

Is all counseling and lead staff trained with American Camp Association standards?                                                                                                           

Is there a medical professional residing on site?                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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*This comparison is based on The Ultimate Film Actors Immersion.

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