The Ultimate Film Actors Immersion Camp

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The Ultimate Film Actors Immersion Camp

July 8th to July 18th 2018


July 22nd to August 1st 2018


Tuition $3790

Age Groups- 12 to 16 and 17 to 21


The Ultimate Film Actors Camp is a TWO SEGMENT program. It's a LAUNCHING PAD into the Los Angeles (or the actor's local) film industry. The international group of young actors are immersed within two segments of the most beneficial lessons as they are nurtured, honored and celebrated for their distinctive needs and goals. We welcome ALL skill levels!
Search high and low for another program anywhere in the world that provides the same well-rounded education and any camp on our site is at NO CHARGE to you.

THE DECEMBER through MAY ONLINE SEGMENT OF CAMP (Optional. There is no additional charge and campers may begin at anytime.)

This interactive Skype segment of camp is included in your tuition. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW THE PRE-CAMP LESSONS. When participants take part in these optional lessons, they are much better prepared for intensive classes and meetings with industry executives. They will meet YAC teachers and campmates prior to their arrival. Pre-camp activities are NOT required but are highly recommended. It is not too late! REGISTER TODAY.


Actors arrive from all over the world to a transformed Los Angeles-based college campus. The Actors Campus is a place where you'll find assembled the Hollywood film industry's most notable executives, actors, and companies. Rising film actors work in masterfully defined and exceptionally unique activities for artistic exploration and professional advancement in media. The following are just a few highlights….


  • ● On-camera acting classes
  •       ● Electives specific to film acting
  •       ● A sitcom AND feature film credits
  • ● A whimsical Hollywood themed schedule
  •       ● Begin to build/strengthen a film actor’s resume

  • ● TWO days of advanced study and play at Disneyland
  • ● Complete a headshot session (and then download photo’s)
  •       ● Thorough education of the Hollywood film industry through workshops with casting directors, talent agents and famous actors
  • ● Hollywood is our Campground! Hollywood industry centered field trips, studios, screenings- FUN!
  • ● Evenings of traditional summer camp fun games, parties and competitions
  •       ● Film a feature movie AND a sitcom in front of a live audience with REAL LA based production companies.
  • ● Career investigations and overview of California colleges/training centers popular for their Acting for Film/Theater programs

Day 1, 2 and 4


This segment will add strong credits to the actor's resume. Friends and family are invited to be a part of the fun as we shoot a sitcom in front of a live studio audience. As the actors listen and wait for laughs from their studio audience, they will also learn to deliver a performance blocked for multiple cameras. The actor will balance the internal comedy with the external technicalities of the medium for an effective filmed comedy performance. Professional production companies will replicate television sets on location and in-house, giving the actor an authentic filming experience. All campers will be sent a DVD of their sitcom work.

Day 3


Improvisational Acting at Disney’s California Adventure Park. Work with a Disney actor to broaden creativity through fun improv games. THEN ENJOY Disney’s California Adventure Park!

Day 5, 6

Shoot a REAL TV commercial

Shoot a TV Commercial for a real local company.
Together we will clearly define who the actor is as a commercial product. Experience a "real commercial audition" environment, learn product handling, and make strong connections with the camera. Actors tackle intense commercial script work on their own and with scene partners. We cover everything there is to know about working in the world of commercial acting.

Day 6 and 7

A 'STRANGER THINGS' Inspired Weekend!

Welcome to the STRANGER THINGS themed Dreamers Weekend !
Experience the STRANGER THINGS themed Dreamers Weekend… Casting Directors, Actors, an Agent Q&A’s and the most AWESOME GAMES- all surrounding the Stranger Things Series. During this segment of camp, we will focus the paths of the successful young actors from series. Each participant will prepare their headshot and resume for submission to the Stranger Things casting office.

Day 8


Intermediate Acting class at with the Disneyland performance team.
Learn to take risks, make quick decisions, tackle cold reading material, and elevate audition skills.
And then enjoy Disneyland Park!

Day 9, 10 and 11


THIS PUT US ON THE MAP UNDER 'AMAZING SUMMER CAMPS' !! We provide an unparalleled opportunity for an up-and-coming film actor to gain on-set experience that will build their resume and add credits to their IMDb page ( This major production provides an all-around education of the filming process, from the casting session to working with THREE production companies. The young actors will enjoy career assessing discussions with some of the professionals who work with them as they complete this real Hollywood FEATURE FILM.

July 20th to July 31st 2018 Tuition: $3490 ($4190 will be posted on August 25th/while space is available)

For immediate admission questions, please email-