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Learn Acting From Home

Now you can take private acting classes with Master Hollywood teachers from home.

No matter where you live in the world, you can pursue serious study with the finest Hollywood based instructors. MANY actors that you see on TV and movies live outside of Hollywood and opt to study with their acting coach through video conferencing. It's effective, fun and a great addition to a actors resume!

Rates begin at $30 per 30 minutes. You may pay for 1 to 12 classes at one time.

This is the only Young Actors Camp program that is open to all experience levels and ages - even adults.

Program Highlights

On-Camera Audition Technique - Auditioning is an art in itself. It is the few moments when the quality of your performance determines getting the job or not. The student will develop cold reading skills and techniques for working with sides.
Scene Study - This coaching option will challenge the actor to go beyond the fundamentals of acting. For all levels, script analysis is emphasized. The actor will create realism through powerful acting choices and develop the ability to live imaginatively within the given circumstances and relationships of a scene.
Mastering Commercial Work - Learn product handling while making strong connections with the camera. You'll tackle intense commercial script work. Learn about working in the world of commercial acting.
On-Camera Technique - Performing in front of a camera requires very unique sets of skills. Beginning through advanced students will explore fundamental concepts to make stronger, more imaginative, more colorful choices as an actor on film..
Movement and Voice - Classes designed to strengthen and expand the actor physically and vocally. It challenges the actor to be conscious, and open to instinctive contact with one's surroundings at all times and to be ready to respond to those surroundings - to speak, to move to act, to change - in an instant, allowing a actor to function spontaneously and intuitively.
Speech and Accent Reduction - Our coaches will help actors eliminate or reduce a foreign accent, speak with clear, neutral American sounds, find their free, natural speaking voice, handle classical language and classical dialect, adjust speech to fit the requirements of any character, and prepare for any on-camera, TV or theatre role.