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From Camper to Capable: Tales of a YAC Actor Gone Professional

Hey YAC campers, past and present!

We've just checked in with our past camper, and here's what she's up to...

Hey guys!

Labor day has just ended, and I'm taking a much-needed break from all that's been going on here!

I'm so excited to get back to Los Angeles, which may be as early as January, but I love being back in my home city, Chicago!

These past few weeks have been very busy: it's episodic season (the time of year when the episodes of many television shows are being cast and filmed; the series regulars were probably already cast during pilot season, occasionally some roles are re-cast, but, for the most part, the casting directors are now focused on casting co-stars, guest stars, and recurring characters to fill out the episodes of their upcoming television season), and with six shows being shot here, I have what seems to be two to three auditions every week, PLUS going into my manager's office to be put on tape for projects in LA and NYC. To say I'm exhausted would be a gross understatementÖ but simultaneously, I love what I'm doing. I have to remind myself of that sometimes when my world feels particularly hectic.

But in the end, none of this feels like work, but play!

Thankfully, though, I've found that if I take a least one hour a day to relax, listen to classical music, meditate, stretch etc., my auditions are much better! I'm focused, present, and I can fully embody the character. Coincidentally, this is something I was taught in the college conservatory program at Young Actors Camp: to work out your own mind and body before you can fully take on another.

Aw, and now I'm missing everyone!

...Anyway, I've also discovered two new tricks that have allowed me to memorize more effectively, which is something I struggle with:


Yes! This may surprise you, but research has found that when learning new material, it's best to take a 20-minute nap afterward, which helps solidify the information into your short-term memories. Personally, this is very effective, and I'm always sure to take these power naps when I have only a day to memorize scenes.

Focusing on the Character's Mind and Why They Say a Line

If I put more energy into fully implanting myself into the mind of a character, consequentially helping me with why they say a line, it's much easier to remember the lines. The way I see it, words are just words, and when words are just words, they're much harder to remember. But when they have meaning, and that meaning makes sense to me, the memorization comes easier.

Hopefully these tips are just as effective for you as they are for me!

Oh! I just found out that I have a callback scheduled for next Monday! Ahhh! Okay, this means I need to add it to my schedule, wear the same outfit I wore to the original audition, re-print a resume and headshot, go over my scenes again, and do a bit of research on the director and producers I'll be meeting...

So much to do!

Okay, I'm off-Until next time!

Get it, girl! Keep up the great work.

Happy Acting!

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