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From Camper to Capable: Tales of a YAC Actor Gone Professional Part 2

Hey YAC campers, past and present!

We've just received another update from our past camper, and here's what she's up to...

Hey guys!

I'm feeling so good today! Last week I finished workshopping a play with a world-renowned theatre company (for legal reasons, I'm not allowed to say which), and it went so well; I had so much fun, met the greatest actors, and learned a wealth of information.

You know, involving myself in this production has reminded me of how much I love theater, and the work that goes into ripping apart a play and finding the truth in a character. It's funny, the work we did also reminded me so much of my conservatory group at YAC: a small group of devoted actors, working to bring a scene, a character to life truthfully. In fact, we even participated in an exercise where you stand up on your own volition, proclaim that you 'have something to say', and repeat this phrase until it's true. I know it sounds a little odd, but the results are incredible! While I personally needed a bit of prompting from the director, in the end, this gave me such a sense of emotional freedom and validation, and I felt completely secure and able to give myself to the character, fully├ľ I can still remember the first time I ever did this at camp! I'll always keep that with me, and call on this exercise when I have trouble letting go and emotionally connecting to a character.

As for any upcoming work, episodic season is beginning to wind down, and the holidays are upon us! You know what that means -a drastic slowdown in auditions and productions. Ugh! I'm gonna get antsy with no auditions for a few weeks! But, at the same time, I think it'll be good to take a break and relax, maybe go to a workshop, see a play or two downtown, catch up on seeing movies. That's something I also haven't forgotten from my time at Young Actors Camp -that in order to be the best actor you can be, it's important to not only stop and relax but to also enjoy other actor's works.

I love not only watching movies and seeing plays that inspired me, and continue to inspire me, but looking for new inspiration in current work. In fact, I channeled an actress by the name of Mariann Mayberry in an audition last week, all because I saw her in play less than a month ago. In the end, the casting directors brought me in for a callback because of that! So, thank you, Mariann!

Oy! Speaking of the holidays afterwards comes pilot season! I personally am making the move back to Los Angeles, so I've got a lot to plan. Thankfully, though, my team is very supportive and has already begun to help me in my preparations to get back out there, and hopefully stay. Currently, we're working on narrowing down the teachers I could possibly train with -there are many great ones out there, and even as a working actor, you must stay tuned up!

Before I go, I just wanted to quickly thank everyone at Young Actors Camp: I wouldn't be where I am, heading back out to Los Angeles in just a few months, if it wasn't for what I learned, the friendships and connections I made, and everything in between.

You guys are the best, and I'll always be grateful for you!

Alrighty, I'm off to buy tickets for a new play.

Until next time.

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