3 Month Summer Stay

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Three Month Los Angeles Summer Stay

June 1st to August 30th 2019

Only 30 Spaces available each year!

We are the only summer program to support the dreams of our participants, by offering a program developed specifically for young actors who wish to pursue work in the Los Angeles film and television industry.

This June, July and August summer stay program is meant for young actors who:

  • Have parents or guardians who are unable to relocate, even temporarily
  • Cannot leave school during the traditional school year
  • Want to FULLY pursue acting work in the Los Angeles film industry

Actors will be housed in a BEAUTIFUL 4 star hotel/hostile in the Downtown Los Angeles area. The upscale property has tons of resort amenities! Our rooms have been contracted to be in on one floor of the building. What if there is an overlap of school at the beginning or end of the program? Actors may use all or part of the three month duration, although the rate does not change.

Requirements: The actor must be between the ages of 14 to 20 and a B average student.

The company takes seriously its task to ensure professional growth while maintaining a safe and gratifying window of opportunity. Therefore, all actors MUST agree to abide by very strict house rules.

Cost: $10,000

What is included

  • Assistance in developing a resume, building a strong online presence BEFORE the program begins
  • Submitting for agent representation BEFORE the program begins and following up with submissions and interviews upon arriving in Los Angeles. (results are not promised but we work hard to obtain representation)
  • Room (up to three to per room)
  • 3 residential and several on-call staff
  • Guardian transport to auditions and off-site classes (up to 40 miles per week)
  • Guardian to accompany on set or to auditions
  • A weekly private coaching with on-site teaching staff
  • Daily consulting / monitoring industry auditions website activity
  • Staff check-in with parents weekly
  • 50% off any 2019 YAC summer program (move onto YAC campus for camp and then back into house)

What is NOT included

  • $250 per week paid to chef for lunch and dinner (or light meals prepared by 17 and older, outside of chefs cooking hours)
  • $2 per mile over 40 miles, paid directly to driver (calculated at the end of the week)
  • Tips to staff during off hours for extra excursions (weekly excursions will be planned and included)
  • Entrance fees to most excursions


  • Your payment is completely refundable until 3/1/2019.
  • 10% discount if paid in full
  • 5% discount for two payments
  • Take advantage of our 10 month payment plan!

This program will fill VERY QUICKLY! For questions or to register, call today: 909-982-8059