3 Month Summer Stay

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Three Month Los Angeles Summer Stay

June 1st to August 30th 2017

Only 30 Spaces available each year!

We are the only summer program to support the dreams of our participants, by offering a program developed specifically for young actors who wish to pursue work in the Los Angeles film and television industry.

This June, July and August summer stay program is meant for young actors who:

Actors will be housed in either our 10 bedroom, 6 bath (girls) or 7 bedroom, 3 bath (boys) conference rentals near the downtown Los Angeles area. Actors may use all or part of the three month duration, although the rate does not change.

Requirements: The actor must be between the ages of 14 to 19 (19 and graduating high school) and a B average student.

The company takes seriously its task to ensure professional growth while maintaining a safe and gratifying window of opportunity. Therefore, all actors MUST agree to abide by very strict house rules.

Cost: $10,000

What is included

What is NOT included


This program will fill VERY QUICKLY! For questions or to register, call today: 909-982-8059