The Business of Acting Segment

A Business and Core Acting Class Intensive

Week 1

During this week we focus on three key areas essential to becoming a film actor; film acting technique, the business of the industry, and personal assessment (career path/college study). Young actors will learn a wide range of specialized strategies to be successful in these areas.

Every participant will work on a set to complete a short film production.

On the fun side, The Reel Acting Camp is a fantasy camp experience for young actors who dream of success on the big screen. Some have joined us just for fun and some come as a solid stepping-stone to potential opportunities in the film industry. No matter why the actor is with us, we assure this week will be a most spectacular experience. With a waiting list every year, in addition to being featured on a Travel Channel television show, you should not wait to sign-up!

Our Celebrity Guests

Every camper will have class or workshop with a major celebrity guest. This fun and inspirational time reinforces 'dreams come true' as the guest shares their story. Who will be our celebrity guests this year? CAMPERS VOTE WHEN THEY REGISTER FOR CAMP!

Field Trips

We utilize the BEST companies in Hollywood to teach our young actors about how the Los Angeles television and movie world works. Movie sets, production studios and red carpet premieres..... HOLLYWOOD REALLY IS OUR CAMP GROUND! The more weeks the actor is enrolled the more comprehensive the first-hand industry view will be. We can not promise where we will go or who we will meet but we are working very hard to make sure our streak of unbelievable outings will remain what we are known for.

Our Core Classes

These CORE Classes are Offered to All Campers.

On-Camera Acting Techniques
A great opportunity for new through advanced students to explore the fundamentals of script analysis and camera technique. You'll learn to make stronger, more imaginative, more colorful choices as an actor. Shooting the same scene from several different angles, delivering the best performance on someone else's close up, even which hand to drink your soda out of in relation to the position of the camera-these are all specifics TV and movie actors should know. We'll deal with nerves and let go of inhibitions while we experience the thrill of acting for the camera.

Acting For Film Advanced Study Program
Every month from January through May a small select group of campers will read a film acting book from our reading list, complete a study guide and then discuss the concepts among fellow campmates through video conferencing. Arriving ready to apply concepts learned in the months prior to camp will allow the young actor to get the most out of their short visit with us. Again, this study program will require monthly reading assignments and completing study guides. On January 2nd, all registered campers will receive instructions on how to apply.

Commercial Workshops
Together we will clearly define who you are as a commercial product. Experience a "real commercial audition" environment, learn Product Handling, and make strong connections with the camera. You'll tackle intense commercial script work on your own and with a scene partners. We cover everything there is to know about working in the world of commercial acting.

The Comedy / Improv Workshop
Gain an understanding of the "type casting" situation in the world of sitcoms. What comic type are you? We will cover topics such as character work, improvisation, and ad-libbing. In this course, actors work with the actual scripts used for sitcom auditions. You learn how to analyze these scripts in ways that lead to strong, memorable acting choices.

Audition Technique for Film and TV
Auditioning is an art in itself. Just a short performance determines whether you get the job or not. We'll practice uncovering, examining, and personalizing audition material. Past campers now working in the film industry will provide valuable discussions on real life audition experiences.

The Film & Television Industry: Who's Who in the Business
Casting director, manager, agent, director, producer...This class will help you understand the roles of these important players and how they relate to you. This is also apart of our career assessment series where we discover other possible career paths and what it takes to attain their job.

The Business Side of a Film Actor
Learn about the successful tools of the trade... headshots, resumes, cover letters, how to put together a demo reel and more. We'll cover the internet opportunities that allow actors to be proactive in their own communities, in their current film market or when Hollywood filmmakers make a movie in their town. Our actors learn how to be their own agent until they get one (EVEN IF THEY HAVE ONE). We will complete a headshot session and a help build a resume that will be ready for industry submission. Internet safety and parent permissions are the lead topics of this course.


The following are samples of electives and workshops that are offered over the course of the week. Workshops are open to every camper while two electives are chosen by the campers prior to camp. We will announce the list of electives in January.

Stage Combat
Make the fight scene look REAL with this hands-on stunt class.

Modeling and Pageantry
Lots of actors start out modeling. After you learn the models walk and turn, we will cover several types of venues to display your newly learned modeling talent.

Television Correspondent
Nickelodeon and Disney now hire more kids with correspondent experience than ever before. Feel the excitement of being a live, on-air reporter. Every actor should have this skill on their resume.

Voice Over
Your favorite cartoon characters are actors that have mastered colorful voices. It is a forum of acting that is fun and those that master the skills have a competitive edge to win great animated roles.

Stand-Up Comedy
Are you funny? You will learn how to compile funny stories into a stand-up comedy act. It's not as easy as it sounds. We'll practice timing, audience rapport, stage fright and routine building.

Movement and Voice
An important class to strengthen and expand the actor physically and vocally. It challenges the actor to be conscious, and open to their surroundings at all times and to be ready to respond to those surroundings.

Actors Working with Green Screen
With green screen, it's simple to superimpose anything or anyone into any shot. Actors can be transported to the moon. During this workshop we understand the challenges an actor faces when dealing with this fun movie effect.

Actors Acting with Animals
Our actors are thrilled every year when new animals are introduced in this workshop. Not only does the actor have to remember their lines but they also must learn the commands that help the animal actor remain within the scene.

College and Actors Conservatory Tours
Our young actors will have an invaluable opportunity to make a short visit to some prestigious training centers here in Southern California. A few past visits have included; UCLA, USC, Claremont Colleges, American Academy of Dramatic Art, and Irvine State University.

Camp Highlights

A double room and 3 meals per day at the beautiful University of La Verne, 45 minutes outside of Hollywood, CA.

Strong film actor resume building emphasis including; on-camera acting classes, electives, and film credits.

Eight days of a whimsical Hollywood themed schedule just for the young inquisitive actor, our big dreamers. See sample schedule here.

Meet famous actors. Top film/TV actors will spend time with the campers in a specialized workshop and/or Q&A.

Everyone completes an industry ready actors resume, receive a photo shoot and goes home with a disc of pictures.

Limited on-site room and board option for parents Campers stay with us, parents are a few buildings away $600 per adult-call us.

Thorough education of the Hollywood film industry through discussions with staff, casting directors, agents and actors.

Screening event to watch highlights of our weeks work on the big screen and view footage from the short film productions. Participants, parents and friends are welcome.

Deliver a one liner to agents as apart of our audition class. Upon request, parents get their feedback which may include interest for representation.

Hollywood is our Campground! Experience Hollywood industry centered field trips, studios, screenings- FUN!

Evenings of traditional summer camp fun games, parties and competitions.

Special workshop: How to use today's technology and internet resources to pursue the Hollywood (or participants local) film industry from anywhere in the world.

Go through the casting process to work in short films that will be featured in film festivals world-wide.

Career investigations and overview of California colleges/training centers popular for their Acting for Film/Theater programs (college registrants are first enrolled. Limited space.)

Accommodations & Meals

Campers stay in beautiful dormitories on the University of La Verne campus, just minutes outside of Los Angeles. The living situation is among the safest and secure properties, using state of the art entry and monitoring systems. Typically, there are two campers per room. Roommates are chosen based on age, gender and our questionnaire form. Campers may request a roommate if they have a friend coming to camp. Each wing or floor is gender assigned with staff placed through-out the floor. There are ALWAYS several supervisors including the Camp Director residing in the dorms.

All Campers will enjoy catered style meals on campus. The only meals purchased by campers while at this camp are during our all-day field trips (4 at $6 to $10).

Your Investment

Sometimes the investment to attend YAC a is not just for a fun camp experience. Some parents and young actors are counting on this experience to be a launch towards work opportunities. No program can promise representation or work. We promise to take each journey seriously as we assign our actors to the evaluators that will note the following: 1. Appropriate referrals for agents and further acting classes. 2. Noting benefits and disadvantages of a particular venue for the child's talents. 3. How serious does the child seem to be taking their classes and time on set.

We never lose sight that this is summer camp so fun is the number one priority but this week will allow the child and parent to understand how the 'fit' of child and acting in this industry coincide.

Parents, you should be evaluating yourself! By attending the Parent Support Conference, it is a perfect opportunity to understand what is required of a parent/family to fully pursue the film industry on behalf of a child actor. It is not required but it is highly suggested!!!

Compare with Others

Go ahead... Compare Young Actors Camp to any other acting for film or television camp. We have more to offer, hands down.

Are celebrity guests guaranteed?
Young Actors Camp always has well known actors stop by for question-and-answer sessions.

Do all campers meet and/or work with current casting directors?
It is important to be informed on current casting trends and work with those that can offer insight into the world of the working actor.

Do the actors work on film sets with professional filmmakers?
Working with another camper holding a camera is not going to happen at YAC. The only way to prepare a young actor for the professional world of film and television is to place them on a working set with skilled professionals.

Is the Head Director on site at all times (evenings too)?
Every program should have a director on site at all times. Young Actors Camp has a lead director with the campers at all times.

Are there field trips throughout Hollywood for education and pleasure?
We learn hands-on. We visit executive offices, filming sessions and various places of interest to understand how this industry comes together.

For serious families, does the camp offer continued support?
Though this is summer camp and FUN is our number one priority, we understand that this is a career goal for some. Therefore, we offer parent education programs, a Temporary Move program, and we keep a list of interested young actors who are called for auditions all year round.

Is room and board included in tuition?
Room, board and all camp activities are included in the price. (Due to field trips between programs, there are four meals per week not included.)

Is all counseling and lead staff trained by The American Camp Association?
Conferences, year round training, support offices and text books are part of our staff training. We are confident our staff can deal with any situation.